Our Services

Painting & Decorating

A complete interior and exterior painting and decorating service. All interior painting can accommodate commercial and domestic finishes. We have an excellent reputation for high standards of workmanship & thoroughness of service and are happy to advise you no matter what your painting and decorating needs.

Mechanical & Electrical Works

M&E requirements are analysed for optimal functionality, safety and efficiency to lower maintenance costs throughout a building’s lifecycle. With capabilities to fulfil all components along the construction supply chain, we are better able to achieve our clients’ vision and keep a close eye on daily project activities at the same time. Through value engineering, we are able to generate big gains in form and function while eliminating unnecessary time, materials and costs.

Interior Designing

Interior and architectural design is very important to us. Each space is utterly unique and devised with the client’s brief and the architecture of the building in mind. Our aim is to build spaces that can be integrated by the creation of sumptuous, inspiring interiors for the most discerning clients.

Building maintenance

Successfully providing building maintenance services for discerning owners and operators across Chennai. Our consistent high quality, level of service and integrity sets us apart from other maintenance contractors. Whether you need building maintenance contractors to create and manage a complete maintenance plan for your property portfolio or simply to complete a single task on your maintenance schedule, we’re here to help.

Construction Services

At PSR Construction, we employ some of the most talented builders in Chennai and our engineers, supported by our specialist teams, deliver unrivalled building services solutions. We are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly ways of constructing new builds. Our design is driven by air quality and comfort, and significantly reduces the amount of energy a building uses.

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